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Bass guitar lessons for beginners

Do you love that bold and rugged groove that resounds confidently beneath many songs that you hear today? learn to play bass guitar today. This bass guitar for beginners’ lessons is strictly meant for beginners.

10 Igbo praise and worship songs Tonic Solfa

Would you like your fingers to be the source of these rugged underground grooves?

Bass guitar for beginners

You’ve come to the right place.

I’d recommend that you get our eBooks designed specially for beginners that want to learn to play the bass guitar.

20 Solfa notation of common hymns

Don’t think that only fat and tall guys are the ones that can learn to play the bass guitar. It doesn’t matter what type of stature you carry. You will be able to play the bass guitar successfully.

Check out the list of eBooks for learning to play bass guitar for beginners like you:

Chord Progressions of Nigerian worship songs

Bass Guitar for beginners:

You’d learn all you need to know about playing the bass guitar using this eBook. You would not believe how fast you can go from beginner level to pro level using this tutorial eBook. 

Easy Methods to Play Hymns on the Piano

our Bass guitar eBook comes with practice eBooks. This is so that, as you are learning the theoretical aspect of music, you would also get to play on the practical aspect too.

The eBook of chord progression of over 150 praise and worship songs

This is another powerful eBook.

Guitar chords to play any song. (7 Open chords you need)

As a bass guitarist, your place of strength should be in the aspect of chord progression. This is because all the bass lines that you would deliver will be based upon the chord progression

How to play Makossa on the piano

Using this bass guitar for beginners’ eBook is one superb way to learn to play the chord progression of songs. Learn to play the chord progression of songs using sol-fa notes before you begin to improvise powerful bass lines. It is a great way to train your hearing.

Learn Tonic solfa and how it helps you play music

It is better to learn using this method than to learn to play using letters or numbers just because it has a way of improving your musical ear. 

Solfa Notation of the Nigerian National Anthem

These eBooks cost ₦2000 each.

They will be sent to your email address for you to download them to your phone or computer to view them.
You can also print them out if you choose to.

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If you cannot afford to get the complete package of our bass guitar tutorial for beginners you can make do with this compilation of lessons for beginners who want to learn to play the bass guitar. The lessons have been created in a very simple-to-understand manner.


This is a free beginner bass guitar lesson online compilation below.  

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What is a bass guitar?

Parts of the bass guitar

The function of the bass guitar in the band

Finger exercises for the left hand on the bass guitar

Finger exercises for the right hand on the bass guitar

Major scale on the bass guitar

Minor Scale on the bass guitar

Building Major chords on the bass guitar

Building Minor chords on the bass guitar

Application of Major and Minor chords on the bass guitar

Augmented chords on the bass guitar

Diminished chords on the bass guitar

Seventh chords on the bass guitar

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