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Building Minor chords on the bass guitar


In our just concluded lesson on major chord triads on the bass guitar, we learnt to play the major triad of any note. Now let us see how we can play
the minor chord triad of any note on the bass guitar. Are you ready? Let’s go.

The shape for the minor chord triad is:

minor chord triad on the bass guitar

Remember that the white dots represent the root note of the triad. So if you pick any note on your bass guitar, taking that note as the root and following this shape or pattern above, you have succesfully played the minor triad of that note. Look at the sequence below so that you can know which and which notes to play first.

minor chord triad sequence on the bass guitar

I hope you understand how to play the minor of any note now. And also the major of any note on the bass guitar.

Now this is the part we have been waiting for. Let’s go to the next lesson of the application of of these major and minor chord triads.


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