Michael Phils Music ebook

Piano Lessons for Beginners

If you cannot afford to get the complete package of our piano tutorial for beginners you can make do with this compilation of lessons for beginners who want to learn to play the piano. The lessons have been created in a very simple to understand manner.

Take your time to go through the lessons and we hope you find it appealing and helpful.

You can also browse through the website for free tonic solfa and chord progression.


Lesson 1: Introduction to the Piano

Lesson 2: Brief Introduction to music

Lesson 3: Keys of the Piano

Lesson 4: Singing and playing on different keys

Lesson 5: Intervals

Lesson 6: Chromatic Scale

Lesson 7: Circle of Fifths and Fourths

Lesson 8: Key Signature

Lesson 9: Proper fingering techniques for the major scale

Lesson 10: Fingering for the chromatic scale

Lesson 11: Introduction to Chords

Lesson 12: Fingering for playing chords and chord progression

Lesson 13: Chord inversions