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Piano Lessons for Beginners

Are you a beginner that wants to learn to play the Piano professionally? We have piano lessons for beginners here.

Have you spent plenty of money to purchase voluminous books and video tutorials that say “best online piano lessons”? But you still don’t know how to play the piano?

I can assure you that your search has come to an end today!!You would finally get to learn piano professionally today.

Playing the piano is very easy; you only need to sacrifice time and a little bit of commitment.

You need only those two things above because the other things that you will require to know how to play the piano will be given to you by me. 

I would recommend that you get our Ebooks(pdf) designed specially for beginners.

The lessons in this eBook will explain in detail everything you need to know about playing the piano from beginner level to professional level.

I know it could get really boring reading many theories about the piano.

This is why our Piano eBook comes with practice eBooks. This is so that, as you are learning the theoretical aspect of music, you would also get to play on the practical aspect too.

I’m not talking about the scary staff music and all that, I’m talking about practicing songs that you already know since you were a child.

Good news is after you have learned and practiced and learnt to play with our eBooks; you would be more confident to easily pick up advanced stuff to read and learn. Most especially the sight-reading aspect that you has always terrified you. 

There are many things that cannot be explained; but you will discover these things by yourself as you work with our eBooks. So it is our work to put the right things in place for you to make these life changing discoveries.

The eBooks that you would get are:

The eBook of tonic sol-fa of over 350 praise and worship songs:

Do not underestimate the power of this eBook.

This eBook will give you a very good head start towards playing by ear and also make the process of learning to find the key of a song  very easy for you.

Just make sure that as you practice with this eBook, always sing the notes aloud with your mouth as you play them on your musical instrument.

The eBook of chord progression of over 150 praise and worship songs

This is another powerful ebook.

It is one superb way to learn to play the chord progression of songs. Learn to play the chord progression of songs using solfa notes is a great way to train your hearing.

It is better to learn using this method than to learn to play using letters or numbers just because it has a way of improving your musical ear. 

The eBook of 100 selected hymnals:

This is the same thing with our eBook of tonic sol-fa of over 350 praise and worship songs.

The only difference is that, this eBook contains only hymns. So, if you are a lover of hymns; you can get this eBook also and learn to play hymns on your musical instrument.

All these three eBooks costs 3000NGN.

They will be sent to your email address for you to download them to your phone or computer to view them.
You can also print them out if you choose to.

All you have to do is:

  • Make the payment into this account detail:




  • Send me a message through whatsapp(+234 905 5222 945) or mail([email protected]) to inform notify me that you just made the payment with a proof of payment)
  • Wait for about 5 minutes and you would get your ebooks(pdf) in your email or through whatsapp.


If you cannot afford to get the complete package of our piano tutorial for beginners you can make do with this compilation of lessons for beginners who want to learn to play the piano. The lessons have been created in a very simple to understand manner.

Take your time to go through the lessons and we hope you find it appealing and helpful.

You can also browse through the website for free tonic solfa and chord progression.


Lesson 1: Introduction to the Piano

Lesson 2: Brief Introduction to music

Lesson 3: Keys of the Piano

Lesson 4: Singing and playing on different keys

Lesson 5: Intervals

Lesson 6: Chromatic Scale

Lesson 7: Circle of Fifths and Fourths

Lesson 8: Key Signature

Lesson 9: Proper fingering techniques for the major scale

Lesson 10: Fingering for the chromatic scale

Lesson 11: Introduction to Chords

Lesson 12: Fingering for playing chords and chord progression

Lesson 13: Chord inversions