Since you want to learn to play the lead guitar, it is equivalent to wanting to know how to play the acoustic guitar. So if you see acoustic guitar tutorials, you can be sure that the tutorial also applies to the lead guitar.

These online guitar tutorials may be in written, video or diagram illustrated formats. Don’t be in a hurry to start looking for lead guitar licks, you should focus on understanding the basics of the rhythm guitar in terms of chords, scales and fingering pattern.

These lead guitar lessons for beginners are carefully explained so that you would easily understand the theories behind them.

How to buy yourself a quality guitar

Basic guitar accessories you should get

How to tune your Guitar as a beginner

2nd string root major, minor and diminished chords on the rhythm guitar

3rd string major, minor and diminished chords on the guitar

Guitar Major, minor and diminished half barre chord shapes with root on 4th string

Barre Major, minor and Diminished chord shapes(5th string) for the rhythm guitar

Major Minor and Diminished Barre chords with root on the 6th on your rhythm guitar

Basic guitar chords you will need to play any song

How To play all over the fret board of a guitar

Three Guitar tricks that would make you sound like a professional

Two basic Daily Guitar Finger Exercises




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