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How to buy yourself a quality guitar


The excitement to want to pick up your guitar for practice partially depends on the quality of your guitar. In this post you would discover what to look out for when you wan to purchase a guitar for yourself.

This post covers almost all types of guitars. I mean the electric rhythm guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, semi acoustic guitar. The semi acoustic guitar is a type of guitar that can work as an acoustic guitar and can also be amplified through the speakers with a jack cable.

How to buy yourself a quality guitar

The quality of materials used to build a guitar is what will determine the life span of the guitar. If a guitar is built with a low quality wood; you can be sure that sooner or later the guitar neck will begin to bend which will make the strings of the guitar to be far away from the fret board.

Buy a guitar with a good/low action

We call the distance between the strings and the fret board “action”. When the distance between the strings and the fret board very wide, we can say that the action of the guitar is high. The higher the action, the more difficult it is to play the guitar, the lower the action, the more easier it becomes to play. That is the reason why I said it earlier on that the quality of your guitar will determine your interest in picking up the guitar for practice.

When low quality wood is used to construct or build a guitar, the guitar will begin to bend when it is exposed to harsh weather conditions. Sometimes if the strings are too tight, it could also contribute to making the guitar bend.

The image below will show you a guitar with a high action.

So whenever you want to get yourself a guitar, you need to check the action, if it is high. If it is, then you should make sure that you do not pick the guitar.

If you’re going to be getting a fairly used guitar:

Make sure you do not get a guitar that has signs of it being sprayed on the neck or any part of it.

This point is based on personal experience. The seller might have a broken guitar; He would then glue it back, smoothen it with a sand paper and spray it with a spray paint to cover the operation marks on the guitar. Then you’d innocently buy the guitar and after a slight hit, the neck falls off.

You won’t be able to return it, its a fairly used guitar and not brand new.

Avoid cheap guitars.

Cheap guitars are definitely made of less quality materials. If you can afford the big ones. Then buy it. It’s worth it.

Buy Guitars with a rod that strikes through the fret board.

Its very difficult to see guitars that have rods in them bend, and even if they do, they can easily be adjusted to straighten them back. This rod is called a “truss rod”.

How do you identify a guitar with a truss rod. There is always a hole at the top of the neck of any guitar that has this truss rod. Sometimes the hole is covered with a small plate with small screws keeping the plate firm. Look at the image below for an illustration. In the picture below you would see that an L allen key is used to adjust the truss rod.

Different guitars have their own different methods by which the truss rod can be adjusted. When you buy a brand new guitar; it might come with the required tool for the adjustment.

This post will be updated with more things you should look out for when you want to purchase your own guitar


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