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The general theory of music

When you want to learn to play any musical instrument, there is this basic theory of music you must understand. Am not neccessarily saying that you must know everything about the theory of music, but you must have some knowledge of the theory of music upto some certain level.

What is Music?

Music is simply the combination of sounds that makes melody which is pleasing to the ear.

In music we have alphabets A-G, they are called notes.


Rhythm, melody and harmony

Rhythm: We can define rhythm as the beat of the songs that We dance to. The rhythm could be high-life, warror, hip-hop, juju music e.t.c

Melody: It is defined as the tune of a song that people hear and make them recognize the song, When you are in the church and the Hymn is about to be sang, the pianist will first play the hymn so the congregation will remember before everybody will sing along. What the pianist plays is the melody of the song.

Harmony: The Harmony is the combination of notes to form chords which will now accompany the rhythm and melody to form beautiful music.