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June 4, 2023, 4:03 am
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What should be my second musical instrument as a saxophonist?

You love the saxophone and you picked it up and began to learn to play. You've improved greatly to some extent; you can play...

What do Half-step and whole step movement mean in music

Let's do a little discussion on half-step and whole step movement in music. Half-Step Half-step is the smallest interval in western musical scale. To get the half...

Quartal Chords and their application

Quartal Chords and there application By Elmond Isaiah Key Db Progression: 1 2 3 4 3 2 Play your 1 chord as: F#Msus2 Tonic Solfa of "Draw me Close to...

How to use and apply Sus2 or Sus4 chords while playing the piano

Sus2 or Sus4 chords: Learn them and Apply them to your Playing. I would like us to talk about what we call Sus2 or Sus4...

Preacher chord progression to play on your piano

The strength of the 5 preacher's chord. Preacher's chord as the name implies are chords used to back up your pastor during sermon. They're varieties of...

How do you locate the rootless form of a chord?

ROOTLESS CHORDS As the name implies, "Rootless" means there's no root in the chord. Rootless chords are chords without the root present. It is believed that every...

How to make your piano chords sound more contemporary with chord voicing

A beginner keyboardist approached me today with a question, and it goes this way. Please sir, i listened to a song today with a 2-5-1...

Most Popular Nigerian Fuji Gospel Songs

Top Trending Yoruba Gospel Fuji Praise Songs Nigerian gospel music is taking a new dimension as new our musicians are taking praises on a whole...

Learn how to play your favorite hymns on your musical instrument

Do you love hymns? then you should learn to play hymns on your favorite musical instrument. If you love to play hymns on your musical...

How to make money online as a musician

I’ve been earning a full time income online for nearly two years now and I’ll admit it, it hasn’t always been a walk in...