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What do Half-step and whole step movement mean in music


Let’s do a little discussion on half-step and whole step movement in music.


Half-step is the smallest interval in western musical scale.
To get the half step from any note, just move up or down to the next note.

Eg. A half step upward from C is C#.

A half step upward from G is G#.

A half step downward from G is Gb [note I said Gb and not F# because moving downward is flat and going upward is sharp].


A whole-step is just twice of half step. This means twice of half-steps is equivalent to one whole-step.

A whole step upward from C is D because C~C# is a half-step while C#~D is also a half-step.
C~D becomes a whole-step equivalent to two half-steps[C~C# and C#~D]…

A whole-step upward from F is G

A whole-step upward from A is B

A whole-step downward from E is D.

A whole-step downward from F is Eb.

How do you locate the rootless form of a chord?

Exercise 1:

Provides the Half-step downward notes from
> A
> C#
> F
> D
> Gb
> Bb
> Ab

Exercise 2:

Provide the whole-step upward notes from
> D#
> Eb
> F
> C
> B
> G.


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