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Basic guitar accessories you should get


Picks: You would surely need these picks as they would make it easier for you to solo on the guitar; they also make it easier for you when playing chords. Some people do not use it because they’ve mastered the finger style technique and they are comfortable with it. They vary in thickness, so you might want to choose whichever

guitar play trum

one you are comfortable with.

Tuner: As time goes on, you won’t be needing this but as a beginner you might want to get it because you might not be able recognize the correct sounds that should be produced as you begin to practice; its not about only being able to play tutorials that you’ve been given, you should also be able let the sounds be an essential part of you, it gives room for more inspiration.

guitar strings tied

Extra Strings: You should make sure that you have at least two full sets of extra strings in your bag, you might be practicing and a string or two might snap; it might even be in a show. So to avoid disappointments, always have extra strings at hand.

Straps: When you want to perform in a public place which might require you to stand while playing, it is very necessary for you to use the strap so the guitar can balance well on your body.

Strap Locks: If you do not want your guitar to fall suddenly while you are in another spiritual realm of playing the pentatonic blues or some kind of inspirational scales, you should get one of these.


Metronomes: they are god for building your speed and are very necessary for your rehearsals. You can download an app for it to save your self some money.


Capo: They help you to easily change your key whenever you are playing. They are not very necessary but you would find them fun to use. They differ by the types of guitars, so I would advice you to take your guitar to the store whenever you want to get one.

Recorder: You can use a recorder to record a chord progression and solo to it when you are done. It is a good Jam Buddy.
For example, you can record a chord progression for about five minutes and after recording, you play it and start soloing to it, that way you will be improve.




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