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Building Major Chords on the bass guitar


What is a chord?
A chord is a combination of three or more notes taken from a related scale. Piano and guitar(rhythm) players may play
all notes of the chord at the same time but as a bass guitar player, you are required to play the notes of a chord one at a time.

What is a triad?

A triad is the basic chord form of any scale.

The root + 3rd + 5th
 Let us take a look at the major and Minor triad for now

  The difference between a major and minor triad is simple. You can know the difference by listening to the sound.

A major triad has a happy sound (1+ 3 + 5)

A minor triad has a sad sound (1 + b3 + 5)

Now this part is very importand because I will be showing you how to play the major chord or triad of any note on the bass guitar.

Look at the  diagram below for the shape of the major triad on the bass guitar:

major chord triad on the bass guitar

The white dots stand for the root note. Dont forget that the numbers represent the fingers:

1 – pointer
2 – middle finger
4 – pinky finger

So if you want to play the major chord triad of any note, this is the shape you would follow. Just put the note as the white note in the diagram above and  follow the sequence. see a detailed explanation of the sequence or movement.

Now that you know how to play the major chord triad of any note on the bass guitar. You need to start practicing it. So you wont forget. Let us move over to the next stage  of developing minor chord triads on the bass guitar. It is very simple.



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