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Solfa notation of the cameroon National anthem


This is the tonic solfa of the cameroonian National anthem. It is suitable for pianist, saxophonist,trumpeters,guitarist and virtually all instrumentalist. You can also derive the chord progression from it.

Solfa notation of cameroon national anthem

s m s d d r m s f m d              O Cameroon, Thou Cradle of our Fathers

m d l d t r d l m l s

s m s d  d r m s f m d            Their tears and blood and sweat thy soil did water,

m d l t r d l d r d

s d d d t d t d t d r

s d d r m f r m                           How can we ever pay thy due?

s m s l s d t l d t r d r

l s t d r l s d                                Will be to thy name ever true

s s d d                                            Land of Promise

m m s f m                                     land of Glory

m r r d t r f m

s s d r-d                                Thine be honour

m m s m                               thine devotion

s s l s d t d r d                       And deep endearment, for evermore


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