You can get to know everything about a musical instrument in a day, but the question is, will your body be able to handle it?

Our bodies need to develop certain muscles so they would be able to play a musical instrument convieniently. If you play the piano, your fingers and hands need to develop certain muscles to handle it.

If you play the guitar, your hands and fingers will have to develop muscles too.

If you play the drums, your legs and hands have to develop muscles too.

If you think i’m lieing, give your guitar to a total novice and tell them to strike a chord, a very simple chord. show them how to go about it, I can assure you that in the next one hour they won’t be able to do it as you can do it.

This is because you have gotten used to it through your reharsals and practice.

Ok. Enough of the stories. I want to show you finger exercises you can use for your right hand if you play the bass guitar.

We are using three fingers here:

Your thumb(that fat and short finger)
Your index finger(the one you use to point at an object)
Your middle finger(you know the middle finger well)

I am asuming that you are using a four-stringed bass guitar. So anytime I mention the fourth string, just know that I am referring to the thickest string.

Let your thumb rest on the fourth string. If you need to strike the fourth string, let the thumb play it inside out.

right hand fingering for the bass guitar

Now what will the pointer and middle finger be playing?

The pointer and middle will be alternating between each other. How?

the pointer(Index) will strike the third string
then the middle will strike the third string too.


I M     I M      I M     I M     I M

remember I stands for index and M stands for middle.

The index and middle fingers are striking the third string from outside to the inside.

It might not be easy for total beginners but as time goes on, you would be getting used to it. After some few days it would become easier.

The next stage right now is to extend the exercise to other strings.

I M     I M      I M     I M     I M      (String 3)
I M     I M      I M     I M     I M      (String 2)
I M     I M      I M     I M     I M      (String 1)
I M     I M      I M     I M     I M      (String 2)
I M     I M      I M     I M     I M      (String 3)

Now lets get to finger exercises for the left hand of the bass guitar



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