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Augumented chords on the bass guitar


Remember we have dealt with how we can construct major and minor chords on the bass guitar. If i should select a note on the bass guitar, you should be able to produce the major and minor shape that consists of the notes(chord tones).

We are going to be dealing with the Augumented chord today. Remember that on the bass guitar when we talk about chords, it is slightly different from playing chords on the piano or rhythm guitar. To play a chord on the bass guitar, we play the notes that consist of the chord individually.

An augumented chord raises the fifth by half. It is symbolized as C+.

Now what do we mean by “raises the fifth by half”

if we have this major chord now on the key of C:      1     3     5

C     E    G

So if we raise the fifth by half we are going to have

1   3   5#
C   E   G#   which is an augumented chord. It is as simple as that.

Augumented chord shapes on the bass guitar

Remember that the white circle stands as the root note of the chord. 



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