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Seventh chords on the bass guitar(Filling out the triads)


If you are reading this particular lesson now. Congratulations. ‘Now you are getting more professional everyday. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Today we are going to be talking about the seventh chords. These chords sound more complex than your usual triads.

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The most common seventh chords we have are

Major:                                                                   1   3   5      7
Minor                                                                    1   b3  5   b7
Dominant                                                              1    3    5   b7
“Half diminished” or “minor seven flat five”       1   b3   b5   b7

Now let us look at their chord shapes on the bass guitar…it is very important.

We would be updating all these post in this bass guitar series with videos soon. Keep in touch with our youtube channel so you wont miss them.

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