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Function of the bass guitarist in the band


We want to talk about the function of the bass guitarist amongst all other instrumentalist.
The bass is the the foundation for the groove, and the binding force holding together all the different instruments.

Sometimes you only have to listen to the bass line to get the progression of the music. . The bass guitar produces the vibrations of those low notes that the
rest of the instruments rely upon. It could be subtle and caressing, sometimes earthshaking.

Imagine a song without any bass or low note sound. It could look hollow or empty. Let me ask you.
Why do you prefer to use your head phone to listen to music?

That is because you don’t want to be denied the pleasure of listening to the bass or low part of the song.

Now as a bass guitarist you should provide a basic foundation for all other musical instruments to fall in. You give them the groove to build upon.

You also have to be disciplined whenever you are playing with other instrumentalist. You should never get carried away by running un-neccesary scales and riffs when you should be gentle for others to build upon your groove.


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