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Application of Major and Minor chords triads on the bass guitar


If you have ben following these lessons. I congratulate you because, you are getting a better understanding of music and your musical instrument. You might never get another website that would explain all these things to you like this. All the same, thank you for visiting Michael Phils Music

Now, in our last two lessons we talked about developing the major and minor chord triads of any note on the bass guitar.

The gist is, if you can memorize these shapes off head. it wont be hard for you to remember’. Neither will it be hard for you to memorize. Look at the two shapes again.

Major chord triad shape
Major triad shape
Minor chord triad shape
Minor triad shape

You see the general chord distribution for the major scale that is so common is written below:

C       D      E        F        G        A          B         C

1        2       3        4         5         6          7          1

Maj   min   min   Maj   Maj     min     Dim     Maj

d        r        m       f         s          l           t           d

Please don’t begin to get confused. Just relax ok!!

Maj stands for major
min stands for minor
Dim stands for Diminished

You see that “Diminished” we would come to it later.

Let us go back to our “Major” and “Minor

Video is coming for illustration of the application of the major and minor chords


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