10 funny facts about the Nigerian Choir

Are You A Chorister? These are ten (10) funny but true facts about the church choir: You see the church choir? It's one of the most interesting...

The Musician’s Prayer

Image credit: Hill song united Oh Lord, bless this music that it might glorify your Name. May the talent that You have bestowed upon me...

Eight things you should know as an instrumentalist

  Noise:  Always have it in mind that the moment you start with the policy that you must hear yourself very loudly during a ministration/performance/presentation with...

what happens when you lie that you can play the piano?

You were looking for how to impress her, then she told you she loves music and also love men that can play the piano.  Gbam!...

Ebenezer Obey’s Success story as a musician

Ebenezer Obey The success of man is not in never failing, but to rise up each time he falls. Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi's mother, Abigail had married her...

Open letter to my Choir Master/Director

Photo Credit: Virtue Music Community Dear Choir director,          That song was played by 3 keyboardists, an organist, 2 guitar players, a bass player, a drummer...

My Success story as a pianist

Photo Credit: Virtue Music Community My fellow choristers. I don't know what they need for them to fall in love with Music, and not just...

Comedy Night or Worship Meeting

Photo Credit: Pastor John Olatunji I was invited to minister at a program years ago and as we walked in the worship was on, the...

How to Score a song properly.

What does it mean to score a song? Scoring a song means to listen to the song and perform it exactly the way it was...

Watch Michael Phils Music helpful videos for the piano and guitar

Have you been looking for a well arranged archive of our helpful videos of the piano, bass guitar and rhythm guitar. Don't look to...

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