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Major and Minor chords of all notes in solfa notation


Tonic solfa notes of all Major and Minor Chords

Many people know the notes that consist of the doh major chord or the reh minor chord and so on.
Sometimes they wonder what notes consist of the taw chord or the maw chord.
The first thing you need to ask yourself is that; do I want the minor chord or major chord or diminished chord of that particular note?
Today I would be sharing the major and minor chords of all notes in solfa notation.
d              = d m s(Major)                         d ri s(Minor)
de            = di fah zi(Major)                         di mi zi(Minor)
r              =   r fi l(Major)                         r f l(Minor)
rii/maw   =    ri s li(Major)                         ri fi li(Minor)
m             =   m zi t(Major)                         m s t(Minor)
f               = f l d(Major)                         f zi d(Minor)
fii             =   fi li di(Major)                         fi l di(Minor)
s               = s t r (Major)                         s li r(Minor)
zi              =  zi d ri(Major)                         zi t ri(Minor)
l                =  l di m(Major)                         l d m(Minor)
li/taw         =  li r f(Major)                         li di f(Minor)
t                 = t ri fi(Major)                         t r fi(Minor)



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