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Un-serious instrumentalist should read this


I attended a meeting years ago, as soon as I entered the hall, my eyes went straight to the guy playing the drums, he was speaking in tongues throughout the worship session while playing, same for the pianist. Tears were all over them and I could almost grasp their unspeakable joy while the teaching was on.

It is actually different from the instrumentalists who are either chewing gum or laughing at the ladies at the choir stand while playing and the worst of it all; folks who suddenly disappears from the church to go gist outside immediately the pastor mounts up to preach. 

I love the things of the Spirit and I always love when people respond to the things of the Spirit. It determines whether you came to church to be a blessing or for a show.

There’s difference between displaying your talents/skills and using them for the glory of God. Once the discipline of the Spirit is lacking in any skilled individual, the outcome will be a display of the arm of flesh.

We know God by revelation, but we know his ways by surrender. God cannot bless the talents and skills you have not fully surrendered to Him. While you’re desiring to be known or famous; He’s asking you to become faceless, because in His face, your face is seen. Letting go of whatever you hold most dear is real infinite gain.

Do all to His glory!

Pastor Ransome Adewale



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