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Getting the key of a song with your bass guitar 1


How to find the key of a song using your bass guitar

When you want to accompany a song with your bass guitar, the first step to take is to look for the key of the song on your guitar. Although, this applies to

all musical instruments.

Today we are going to take a look at how we are going to get the key of a song on our bass guitar. We are going to be using five songs as examples for you to understand.
1.  Alpha, Omega besides thee, there is no other God
2.   Count your blesssings name them one by one, count your blessings see what God has done….
3.   Light of the world, you step down into darkness, open my eyes let me see(here I am to worship)
4.   You are great yes you are, Holy one, walked upon the sea, raise the dead……
5.   Alagbara, eledumare, jehovah nissi, nothing compares to you lord, the mightiest and the stringest, the biggest……
 The scope we want you to use to get the key of any song on the bass guitar is to listen to the song to a point whereby it comes to a rest, you see that point by which it comes to a rest, that is where you would pick yoour key from.
Although this does not apply to all songs, but it is a good way to start. There is a video tutorial above that you can watch to understand better.
We would be giving you the solfa notation of all these songs, so that you would understand better. We don’t need to sing the songs to the end before we can get the key, we only want a point whereby the song comes to a rest.

Below are the solfa notation of the five praise and worship songs that we used:

 d s        Alpha
s d l       Omega
l r d t      Besides thee
t t t l t d   There is no other God
 s s d s s m f m f       count your bessings name them one by one
r r t l s f m f s           count your blessing see what God has done
d t t l                        count your blessings
t t l l s                       name them one by one
d d d  s t  l s f m r d  and it would surprise you what the lord has done
m m f r r m f f m r d      light of the world you step down into darkness
m m f r r m d                 open my eyes let me see
m m f r r m f f m r d      beauty that made this heart adore you
m m f r r m d                 hope of a life spent with you
m f s  s d d                    You are great yes you are
d l l                                holy one
s s l m s                         walked upon the sea
m r r                              raised the dead
d s s s d d                      you reign in majesty
d l l                                mighty God
l l s s s f m r t d             everything written about you is great
m s s f                            Alagbara
r m r r d                         eledumare
r m m d t                        Jehovah nissi
s s s l l l s                       Nothing compares to you lord
 m s s m m f l                The mightiest and the strongest
r f f r r m d                    The bggest and the brightst
r m d t                            I love you Lord
f f r m r d                       You are an awesome God
Do you now see that all these songs come to a rest at ‘doh’. Also in these songs, ‘doh’ is the root note. Therefore you would now look for that particular ‘doh’ note on your bass guitar. You need to be very attentive to get that particular note correctly. The video explains better.
It is advisable that you find that note on the fourth or third string, so that you can easily find your way around accompanying the song.
It would not be easy explaining using only text, or only a video. That is why we made both a video tutorial and a written tutorial to make you understand better.
We hope you like this tutorial. Please share and drop your  comments.


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