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Chord Progression/ Bass line of “Wonderful wonder” by Nathaniel Bassey


The song is in the key of G#

Chord Progression in solfa of “Wonderful Wonder” by Nathaniel Bassey (Beginners)

The progression of the song is simply:

Summer      Winter       Autumn, spring
fah              doh             lah                         soh
Mountains    Blue skies   And the seas
fah                doh              lah                       soh
Rainbows   Sunshine    And the trees
fah              doh             lah                      soh
Jesus           Maker        Of them all
fah              doh             lah                       soh
fah              doh             lah                         soh

Bass Line of “Wonderful wonderful wonder” by Nathaniel Bassey

The bass line used here was definitley coined out from the progression of the song

At first they started with:

fah              doh             lah                soh

then they used:

f f m f l d
r l
r s

Watch th video below for more illustration:

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Chord Progression/ Bass line of “Wonderful wonder” by Nathaniel Bassey

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