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Eight things you should know as an instrumentalist

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Always have it in mind that the moment you start with the policy that you must hear yourself very loudly during a ministration/performance/presentation with your group or band,
noise starts from there. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be audible with your instrument, its not in all cases that the musical gadgets will produce what you want, moreover they have their limits and get spoilt even at work.


No matter what the case may be, even if the lead vocalist isn’t as bold or good as expected, submit to him/her, respect the little talent, encourage that person, and never say you are too good to play for an artist.


To everybody you come across in life, they have their different ways of perfectly displaying their musical talents, that they are not good on a particular pattern/style doesn’t mean they are worst in other aspects, and if it’s about just learning, life is a university of learning where even the bosses learn from the upcoming ones, and where the learners overtake the bosses, I’ve overtaken my bosses and my students are overtaking me, that is life for you.

Notice me:

When you start to play to impress people or this eyes service of a thing, then you will surely become proud and from there, you are gradually coming down, there is no talent you’ve got that God hasn’t given to someone, even more of it, so play maturedly and stay humble.


Always see your engineer(s) as your friends and never make them your friend for the sake of volume, if you ask for volume, as friends, he will surely increase it for you, but looking at it technically, is it necessary? So be professional.


Never depend on inspiration alone, do personal rehearsals, do it with your mates, bosses, and upcoming ones, update yourself, being the best instrumentalist in your church/band/organisation doesn’t make you the best in the environment.


Life itself is an environment where your different concept brings you out, not by copying from people alone, but by adding yours, playing it differently.

Church reharsals:

Go for church rehearsals, don’t underestimate your choir members, you are one in Christ, you may be more advanced, but don’t say their level is too low compared to yours, if it is, then your level becomes too low for God. If you are given money, collect it, but try not to go to churches with the intention of playing to get paid, it doesn’t bring prosperity in life, God gave you the talent, let him work it out for you.


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