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5 basic stuff you must know about playing the piano

There are a lot of basic stuffs you must not forget when you are learning the piano, most-especially if you are a church boy like me, you must know how to play worship which is pretty easy, praise which most of the time it is either high-life or warror, hymns, and also not forgetting

basic stuffs to know about playing the piano

how to transpose on the piano. Don’t let anybody bambooze you that transposing on the piano is not a good thing or that it is for lazy people; Me i would tell you to learn to transpose and find yourself playing in a month. Its not possible for you to know how to play all the keys¬† of the piano in a short time, and we wouldn’t want to learn to play all the keys before we step into the show to play, so it’s better you get yourself familiar with a strange key and build your confidence with it before you move into learning to play another key. So I’ve gotten some little tips together for you to lay your hands on.

Easy way to play all major chords:


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