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Basic chord progression for a few worship songs


A chord progression in what an instrumentalist plays to accompany a song or another musical instrument. It’s like it plays in the background. This post describes the chord progression of some few worship songs.

Knowing your chord progression is the foundation of knowing to play any musical instrument. Whether its the piano or the guitar; All you have to do is

basic chord progression for a few songs

know your chord progression. A chord progression is something that comes from within you. You have to get to understand your sounds and also get yourself familiar with the tonic-sol fa(solfa notations of 10 nigerian worship songs) of a lot of songs.

In fact the best way too get to know chord progressions is to listen to songs constantly. Another method is to join the choir and be faithful to your rehearsals and church services. The reason why I said so is because by the time you keep attending the church services, you are unconsciously registering the chord progressions in your brain, and that is why most instrumentalist get to play like the person they listen to consistently.

You cannot get to learn a musical instrument by just going for music lessons and coming back home to drop it. You have to listen to songs consistently, hum the progressions with your mouth, go to your musical instruments and play what you hum, that way you would be see yourself improving. I have prepared chord progressions for some 7 popular Nigerian worship songs. Click here to see them.


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