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What to play when a singer pauses during praise and worship session


praise and worship session
Now that you know how to accompany a singer with your musical instrument. You find yourself with your band or in a worship session in the church. The singer picks a song and sings it to an extent and pauses for a little while. What do you do?

Do you also stop playing?
What should you play?
Most beginners begin to panic at this stage because they have not gathered enough experience to know what to do. If you are not careful, you might mess everything up at this stage.
What you have to do is simple!!
1.       You have to concentrate while playing so that you wont get carried away.
2.       What was the last song the singer sang?
3.       As soon as the singer drops the song, continue playing the chord progression as you continue to sing the song in your mind.
Let us take this song as an example:
We go dey hail
Hail your name
Day by Day
All the way
Now assuming the singer was singing this particular song and you were following with the corresponding chord progression above. As soon as He/She stops singing what you should do is to continue with the chord progression of the song as if the singer never stopped.
However you can play an interlude in the form of a hymn or a popular song; perhaps you could just do an interesting solo. Keep it at the back of your mind that whatever you do make sure it corresponds with the initial song the singer dropped.


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