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Tonic Solfa of the Intro of “Chukwu Oma” by “DayStar choir”


This post is basically for Saxophonist who are having issues playing the intro of this beautiful song “chukwu Oma” by Daystar Choir. It is written is solfa notation for easy understanding so that you can play it on any key. Here we go:

tonic solfa of intro of chukwuma played by a nigerian saxophonist

It goes like this:

l d : r m
s l : r m
l d : r m

s s : s s

It come again..

l d : r m
s l : r m
l d : r m

l d l r d l s m s l s m s f f f m m m r r d
r d t : m t

Click Here to see the solo of the saxophonist in the middle of the song

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