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“This God is too good oo” by Nathaniel bassey piano chord progression tutorial(Beginners)


Chord Progression of “This God is too good oo” by Nathaniel Bassey


 This is the chord progression piano tutorial of “this God is too good oo” by Nathaniel Bassey. It is written in solfa notation.
Note: The chords used for the respective notes are

written below:

d – d m s             s – t r s            l – d m l             f – d f l               r – r f l                   m – m s t
   I know a God who’s merciful and kind
d                                       s                 l
    Faithful and gracious
    s                     f
    I’m the apple of his eyes
d                                        s
The thought that fills his heart
Every morning noon and night
            S                               f
     He loves me when I didn’t care
R                                                   l
And was patient till I came running back into his arms
                                      D                                                m
      Look how He turned my life around
R                                                           l
Made me a shining star
His glory to reveal
I will worship Him forever
Love Him forever
Because this God is too good oo
            L             s                    f


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