Michael Phils Music ebook

Secrets to becoming a successful musical instrumentalist


Do you ever go to a church and see the band play and you wish to be able to play like them?, maybe because you feel that the ladies like them and you want to be the “ladies man” of the church.

Have you ever been to a live performance show, where the all the sounds are produced by members of a band on stage i.e the bass guitarist, lead guitarist, drummer, saxophonist, singer e.t.c

Secrets to becoming a successful musical instrumentalist

Do you ever wish you can play like them, Do you ever wonder how?

If you can stick to all these
principles below, I can assure you that in no time you will become a professional:

1. Listen to music constantly, try to focus on the way the instruments accompany the songs.

2. Have your own musical instrument.

3. Spend quality time practicing useful techniques with the instrument everyday (30-60)minutes. It requires self-control tho’.

4. Listen to musicians that specialize in playing your instruments and score a lot of their own songs.

5. Make youtube your friend, watch and download youtube videos of guitar tutorials or whatever musical instruments you want to play.

6. Join a band or a church choir, the church really helps in developing instrumentalist, especially those ones who feel they can never know how to play musical instruments. You would learn how to recognize and put sounds together in no time.

8. Call a few people together and let them listen to you while you play; and let them tell you how they feel about you playing, that way you are building your confidence.

7.  The last but not the least, be humble and be eager to learn new things. People love to teach humble people, if a professional sees that you have a good attitude, he could give you some secrets to improve in your playing.



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