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Rudiments of chord progression


Are you having problems trying to discover the way chord progressions of songs work? Read this post to the end and I think you will discover a way of putting chord progressions under your feet:.
Lets get started:

rudiments of chord progression

There are two types of progressions:
1. Circle of fourths
2. Circle of fifths

Don’t allow all those vocabulary bore you. Let me explain.

Circle of fourths:

look at the illustration below:

C    D   E   F   G   A   B   C    D   E   F   G
1     2   3    4   5    6    7

starting from C let me begin to get the progression using the circle of fourths:

We have C to be 1, since we are dealing with the circle of fourths the next progression will be F because F is the number 4; after F we have B(i.e counting another 4 starting from F), after B we have E, after E we have A, after A we have D, after D we have G; and so on and so forth…

In conclusion we have: C   F   B   E   A   D   G  and  C
d    f    t     m    l    r     s          d

There a couple of songs that go with the circle of fourths, but how do we apply them in getting to reall play song progressions?

when you are singing a song, some stages into the song, it might go up and it might come down; I mean, the song might become high in some places and it might come down in some parts too; so if the song goes up you would be going higher in your circle of fourths and if it goes lower you would be going lower in your circle of fourths. The same principle applies to your circle of fifths. A video illustration is coming soon for better understanding.


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