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How to play suspended chords to your worship and praise songs on the piano


There are basically two types of suspended; they are:
 sus4 and sus2

The numbers beside the sus in the two types above refer to the numbers in the letters of music. Look at the illustration below:

suspended chords on the piano

C  D  E   F  G  A  B   C
1   2  3   4   5   6   7    8

Now, 4 represents F, while 2 represents D.

So how do the suspended chords work?

The suspended replaces the major third in a chord with either 4 or 2.

Let us take the doh chord on the key of C for example

C  E  G
d   m  s

Now to make this chord a sus2 chord, we would identify the major third in it. The major third is the E note(look at the first illustration above). So the E note will be replaced with the D note to suspend the chord and make it a sus2 chord(remember D is 2 in the illustration above).  so we would have

C  D  G
d   r   s

Likewise to make this same chord a sus3 chord, the major third which is E will be replaced with the fourth which is F(look at the illustration above to understand the third, second and fourths). So we would have

C  F  G
d   f    s

A chord without out a major third like C  G is called an “open fifth”.

So while you are playing suspended chords, it is necessary that you resolve back to a major chord.

A song that has the 1 4 5 1 progression, which is doh fah soh doh, can use suspended chords without having to move too far

doh        fah        soh        doh
d m s     d f s       d r s      d m s
C           Csus4    Csus2     C


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