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New year letter to all choristers for 2020



Mr muyiwa a saxophonist

Compliments of the season. Take a moment to think about this! It’s a short read.

Meanwhile, have the answer to this question at the back of your mind: How long have you been singing in the choir?

Have you heard of what a First School Leaving Certificate is? That’s what you get after completing your primary education, and it takes you about 6 years to accomplish.

How about SSCE?
Yeah, you’re right. You get that after spending 6 years in secondary school.

Then, you must have heard of OND, HND, and Bachelor’s degree right? Depending on your category of discipline, this should take you not less than 2-4 years to complete.

And also Master’s degree, one to two years.

You also must have come across the terms Phd. and Prof., nonetheless, that is another level entirely.

Now, here is what you should think about.

If the choir was a school, how long have you been in this school? Then, what can you show to justify the number of years you have spent in the choir.

By number of years, and according to the way you brag about it sometimes, you are probably a Masters degree holder in your choir, or a doctorate degree holder if you’ve spent more years.

Now, here is the sad truth.
Throughout these years, you have not improved a single bit.
The same way you used to sing nine years ago is the same way you sing today.

The same way you used to play the piano five years ago is the same way you do it today. There’s absolutely no improvement at all. That is really sad.

If you’ve really thought about this,
then you need to talk to yourself this new year, 2020

Say to yourself:

“I will not remain the same chorister in this year 2020.”

“I will sing better than I used to. I will learn to read music in staff notation and in solfa notation. I will learn at least one musical instrument. I will be punctual in my choir. I will learn all that I can to make myself better. I will …….. (fill in the blank spaces)”

This should be our mentality in this New Year, 2020 . Let us improve on ourselves and our choir will be a better place. Learn something today, and if you know, teach someone.

Happy New Year to you!
With love, from Naija Choristers.


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