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Most Popular Nigerian Fuji Gospel Songs


Top Trending Yoruba Gospel Fuji Praise Songs

Nigerian gospel music is taking a new dimension as new our musicians are taking praises on a whole new level. Nigerian Fuji genre of music is a very interesting type of music to listen to. Fuji is enjoyed mostly by the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria because Fuji originates
from them.

Fuji music is sang in the Yoruba Language. Sometimes the musicians add very little of English language into it to spice it up, The English added to it is obviously with the deep Yoruba intonation encrusted on it.

Tonic solfa of “build my life” by Pat Berett (feat Chris Tomlin)

These are five(5) popular gospel Fuji songs sang by Nigerian Gospel musicians.

Fuji praise by Tosin peniel


Next Fuji Crew by Midnight crew


Fuji Christmas by Mike Abdul


Aye mi Dun gan by RCCG Wells of Life Choir


Fuji Carol by Dare Justified

Intentional Fuji by Mike Abdul


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