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How to make your piano chords sound more contemporary with chord voicing

A beginner keyboardist approached me today with a question, and it goes this way.
Please sir, i listened to a song today with a 2-5-1 Progression, and the keyboardist was really crazy with his 2 chord.

When he held his 2 chord, it doesn’t sound like the regular 2 chord on the key of C major which is D on the left hand and D+F+A+C on the right hand, atleast not really, but his 2 chord sounds more contemporary and spicier than the regular 2 chord.

Do you know how he did that?

Hmmmm i took him to my church and played for him when i voiced out the 2 chord in the Key of C major, he was really amazed then he said “Yes, that’s exactly how his 2 chord sounded” Can you show me how you did that?

Tonic solfa of Fall by Davido

By now you should know that my lesson now is based on voicings.
So many Gospel pianist has a different way of voicing chords and make it sounds more like the regular chords. E.g, Playing the Drop 2 voicing of the C major 7th which is G – C E G sounds different compared to the regular Cmaj7, C E G B also voicing a rootless voicing of the C maj9 chords this way, G B – E G B D, while the bass player plays the root note which is C, sounds more like the regular Cmaj9 chord which is C – C E G B D.
Voicing has to do with the rearrangement of chords using a technique known as voicing techniques.
This lesson is on the Key of C major for simplicity sake but if you do not play on Key C, transpose is at your service.

Chord 1:

The regular C major chord , C / C+E+G can be voiced thus,
C+G+E / G+C+E+G or by adding a 9th tone
C+G+E / G+C+D+E G(Cmajor9) or
C+F+G / C+E+G you can also add you 7th tone if you like.

Chord 2:

the regular D minor 7th chord D / D+F+A+C can be voiced thus
D+A+C / F+C+D+F or this crazy stuff
D+A+E+F / G+A+C+E+G.

Chord 3: the regular E minor 7 chord E / E+G+B+D can be voiced thus
E+C / E+G+C or
E+C / E+G+B+C check out this one
E+B+D / G+C+D+G

Chord 4: the regular F major 7th chord F / F A C E can be voiced thus.
F+C+G+A / C+F+G+C


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