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How to do exploits as a praise and worship leader/music minister

victoria orenze praise and worship leader

1) Have a minimum of one day of fasting and praying for your ministry in a week.

Prayer and fasting is inevitable for you to do exploit. It is even advisable you

wake up in the night and pray everyday for your ministry or before a ministration.

2)Score/learn minimum of one song in a week, dont be lazy, dont wait till you have a song

to lead before you score/learn new songs.

3) Have a personal rehearsal time for yourself, dont wait till you have a

general rehearsal before you rehearse. If you have a personal rehearsal time for yourself, it will show when you find

yourself in a general rehearsal. In one way or the other, you will find out that you are ahead of others.

4) This year, if possible learn an instrument, if possible also learn the music rudiments, they will help you a lot.

5) Pray for fresh anointing this year, anointing of yesterday or last years is not

enough. There is no maximum level of anointing, the more you pray for it, the more

heaven releases.

6) Read the bible daily, meditate on it the more, memorize scriptures, you call

yourself a praise leader, you should study and know the God you praise, you need to

have more understanding of HIM that you praise.

7) Dont compete this year, no one is your competetor, you are a minister, you are to

complement other ministers not to compete with others. You have started singing for devil

the moment you start competing with a fellow praise/worship leader.

8) In this year, dont just sing any song because people like to dance or hear it, you are singing unto God.

Sing only songs that glorify God, dont lead the congregation to dance worldly dance steps, you are God’s

minister not an entertainer–why are you teaching the congregation shoki and skelewu ? do you know the

origin of those dance steps?

9) This year, try and listen to God the more, tell God to give you songs, write songs of your own, start

composing through the inspiration and help of the holy spirit, God is ever ready to give you a new praise and worship

song the whole world is waiting for a song from God through you.

10) Desire to bring down the mighty presence of God through your ministration this year, dont sing to impress people, only desire to

impress God, it is enough of people dancing and

sweating without any positive change in their lives, it is enough of all the shout. Desire miracles , signs and wonders to happen during your

ministrations this year. Desire for the sick to be heal, the blind to see, the lame to work, etc during your ministration this year.

it is possible and God will do it.


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