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5 Useful Accessories for Your Laptop


Computers and laptops have become a big part of our lives. And they also need ‘assistants’ to perform better, longer and faster. Your personal assistant can be upgraded with a variety of accessories. Shop computer accessories
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Wireless Mouse 
A wireless mouse will be a perfect addition to your laptop or desktop. These days mouses come with a new great feature as a built-in battery, that automatically connects to your laptop and is instantly ready to use. No more cables getting into your way.
Spare Battery 
Everyone who has ever used laptop away from the power outlets knows that laptop’s battery life is not that long. But you can extend it with an additional battery, especially if you work outdoors or away from power outlets. When buying a spare battery, it is important to pay attention to its compatibility with your laptop: the battery must be manufactured either by the laptop manufacturer or by a company that guarantees the compatibility of the battery with the device.
USB Lamp 
Usually, such lamp is compatible with any notebook or PC by plugging into any USB port. No external power supply is needed as it is powered by laptop or PC through USB.LED light is rated to average 8,000 hours of use. Typically, these lamps are equipped with a flexible neck so that it can be positioned any way you wish. The lamp is lightweight and easy to carry On the Plane, in a meeting or in bed. 
Hardshell case 


Protect your laptop with a hardshell case. They are lightweight and made of durable materials that protects your laptop from scrapes, scratches, and scuffs. The case offers protection without sacrificing access to ports, lights and other useful buttons. Ventilation slots promote continuous airflow for efficient device cooling. The color palette will not leave anyone disappointed and will suit every taste and style. Use a hardshell case for your laptop if you plan to sell it later as it could improve its resale value. 
Cooling Pad 


The best way to avoid overheating is a laptop cooling pad, which provides both a rigid surface to rest your laptop on, and high-powered fans to increase airflow and heat dissipation inside its case. But if you find a laptop cooler with fan positioning that properly matches your vent positioning, you won’t really need much more.

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