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10 funny facts about the Nigerian Choir


Are You A Chorister?

These are ten (10) funny but true facts about the church choir:

You see the church choir?

It’s one of the most interesting units to be in church. There, you would see all manner of people and behaviours.

1. There is this set of guys they call “instrumentalists” lol. Those ones? If they ever come for rehearsals on time, then something is wrong. They are always late, and in most cases the choir director can’t sanction them.

2. Choir Director.
The choir director always have a set of favorite singers in the choir and someone whom he/she always give the lead role in a song. And some people in the choir will always ‘beef’ that person, especially those that can’t sing well.

3. In some cases, the most committed set of people in the choir are those who can’t sing, and you just can’t drive them away. They are very punctual and committed, both in attendance and in the massive destruction of songs.

4. In some cases, the singers with very high level of pride are in soprano, while the most stubborn ones are in alto.

5. In every choir, there must be a certain brother and sister who usually do some exclusive rehearsals in the closet. When you look at those ones very well, they are the one that has chosen music as a career.

6. Some female singers actually joined the choir either because they love the uniform or they believe that’s where their husband will find them, or they just want to stand on the microphone let the church see them.

7. The choir at some point during rehearsals will behave as if they are so tired and they want the director to close, but immediately the director stops teaching songs everybody starts ‘gisting’.

8. There is always a “minor factor” in the choir: a certain Chorister who specialises in spoiling songs. The only way to spot this person is to ask them to sing one after the other. If the person is a tenor singer and he’s a smart guy, he’ll want to go out and ease himself that very time.

9. If the choir is hosting a concert, the rehearsals will be really interesting but on the concert day sound is always bad (sounds engineers please forgive me).

10. Even if the whole church falls under anointing, the “instrumentalists” standeth firm on the solid rock. They can never fall under anointing. E no fit happen. I tire for them.

In all of these, God is gracious, and Jesus won’t stop loving choristers.
I’m proud to be one.

There’s Wisdom beneath this for all to take corrections…

IF YOU ARE A CHORISTER, forward this to your fellow chorister(s).


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