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Tonic Solfa of “Yah” by Dunsin Oyekan


This is the solfa notation of “yah” by Dunsin Oyekan. You can play this tonic solfa on any musical instrument

Find the video of the tonic solfa above.

Key of A flat

Generations after Generations            d d s s f f f m m m
Keep Praising you Yet no Word Sums you Up       d d s s f f f m m m
Then I asked the Lord What Name Fits You         d r m d r m r d l
And He said YAH                               s d d d

Solfa notation of 10 common Nigerian praise songs

YAH, the Hallowed One                     d d f m m
YAH, the Holy One                           d d f m m
YAHWEH, the King of Zion                m r m r d d s

soprano, alto and tenor part of “Amazing” chorus by Dunsin

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