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Tonic solfa of “Healing wings” by Steve crown


Solfa notationn of healing wings by steve crown

This is the tonic solfa of “healing wings” by Steve crown. it is suitable for pianist, guitarist and other solo instrumentalist. Please share these post so your friends can see them.

healing wings steve crown

r m r d l               As we gather here
r m r d l s s         God is moving everywhere

r m r d l             Sould are desperate
r r m r d l d d    spirit of the Lord is in thos place

s f m l                To heal the sick
m f m s              mend broken hearts
f m l                   wipe your tears
l d d d d f m s     Is touching you with healing wings

s f m l                So lift your hands
m f m s              recieve your sight
f m l                   rise and walk
l d d d d f m s    Is touching you with healing wings

s l r              Holy ghost
s l m            Holy ghost
s l r              Holy Ghost

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