Tasha cobbs for your glory

This is the soprano, alto and tenor solfa notation of “For your glory” by Tasha Cobbs. Harmonization is not used throughout the song. Therefore we would
only highlight the part of the song which was harmonized and give you the solfa of the respective parts.

For your Glory                      d t l  s-l-s
I will do anything                  d t l s m r
Just to see you                       d t l  s-l-s
To behold you as my King    d t l s s m r

For your Glory                      l s f m
I will do anything                  l s f f r m
Just to see you                       l s f m
To behold you as my King    l s f f f l s

For your Glory                      f m d  d-r-d
I will do anything                  f m d d l t
Just to see you                       f m d  d-r-d
To behold you as my King    f m d d d m r


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