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Solfa Notation of “Joy in chaos” by Holy Drill


This is the tonic solfa of Joy in Chaos by Holy Drill. The tonic solfa is done in the key of F#.

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Joy in chaos Tonic solfa

d r m f m r d                      I’ve still got joy in chaos
d s s m r d r                       I’ve got peace that makes no sense
d d s f m r d                       And I won’t be goin’ under
d s s m r d r                       I’m not held by my own strength
l l l l s f m                          ‘Cause I’ve built my life on Jesus
s s d f m r                          He’s never let me down
l l l l s f m                          He’s faithful through every season
d d r m d r                         So why would He fail now?
d d                                    He won’t




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