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Solfa notation of Jesus (You are able) by Ada

Jesus(you are able) by ada

This is the solfa notation of “Jesus(you are able)” by Ada. It is suitable for pianist, guitarist, saxophonist and other solo instrumentalist. The solfa notation is written against the lyrics of the song.

l s m r m d     what can’t you do jesus

d s s s f m m r   creator of the universe
d r m l   what cant you do
l s m r m d  what cant you do jesus

d r m r   you are able
f m d l s       great and mighty God
d r m r    m f    you are able    jesus

l t d l  there is nothing
d d t l s s    nothing you cannot do
d d t l s l      nothing you canot change
d d t l s s l t     nothing you cannot turn around

l t d l        you are able
d d t l s s    great and mighty God
d d t l s l     put my trust in you
s s s f m r    you are able
m d                jesus



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