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Solfa notation of “Jesus at the center” by Eben

jesus at the centre solfa notation

This is the tonic solfa of “Jesus at the cener” by Eben. Enjoy. Please don’t forget to support us by sharing on facebook and twitter so your friends can enjoy. Solo Instrumentalist like saxophonist, guitarist e.t.c would find this post helpful; make sure it gets to them.

At the centre of it all         m s l l l s m
It’s you that I see             d r r m r
It’s you that I see               d r r m l

There is power in your name            l l l l l s s
Miracles happen in your name         t t t t l s l l

You are bigger bigger than the biggest                     d’ d d d.     d d d d d d
You are stronger  stronger than the strongestd         d’ d d d.     d d d d d t

You are higher higher than the highest                     r’ r r r.       r r r r r m
You are greater, greater than the greatest                 m’ m m m.   m m m m m m f

Jesus    f f
Jesus    m m
Jesus    r r
Jesus    m m

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