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Solfa notation of “I’ve come to worship” trumpet solo by Nathaniel Bassey

Nathaniel bassey ministring in house on the rock church

This is the tonic solfa of the trumpet solo that Nathaniel Bassey did in his song titled “I’ve come to worship”.

If you are a saxophonist or a trumpeter; this is a good way to sharpen your solo skills.

If you play the solo of all these musicians perfectly, you would be building your own solo vocabularies gradually and therefore getting to know how to solo without anybody teaching you.

m s s m s (m s)
l d d l d (l d r)
m s s m s (m s)
l d l d
l s m
d r m r m r d
l d t l s m
m m m m r
d d d d t l t
d r m m
f m r d
s l t d t l t d
(s l t d   s f m   r l   r s)

Watch the video below to hear the voice note so that you can know the way the solo sounds.



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