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Solfa notation of “Idi mma” by Frank Edwards

idinma by frank edwards

This is the tonic solfa of Idinma by Frank Edwards. It is suitable for saxophonist, guitarist and other solo instrumentalist. Get the solfa of the soprano, alto and tenor parts here for singers and choristers

This is the tonic solfa of the intro

f s l    r m r s l
f s l    d t s…..

The tonic solfa of the chorus of the song says:

d s s                idinma
d l l                 idinma
r t t                  idinma
t t t t    l t d      Idiri Obim mma

m f s s s m f m r   d l l            when I think of what you have done for me Idi mma
d d r r rm f m r s m m            when I think about your love for me   Idi mma
m f s s s s l s f m r r s m f       for the blood you shade on Calvary Idi mma eh eh eh
r t t  s m f m r d                      Idi mma      idiri obim MA


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