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Solfa notation of “Hallowed day and holy” Hymnal


This is the tonic solfa of the hymnHallowed day and holy“. It is suitable for the organist and all solo instrumentalist. Enjoy. You can also derive the chord progression from the solfa notation of the hymn. With solfa notation you know how to play this hymn. Just accompany the notes with chords on your left hand.

Nigerian keyboardist

M m m f s s
M f f s f m
D m m m f s s
M f r s t d
S l l d t l s s
M f f s f m
S l l d t l s s
M f r s t d

  This is the lyrics of the hymn below:

Hallowed Day and Holy
Thou holy day of rest
We ought to give one full day
To God, the good and kind
Other days bring the tear drops
Thou wipes the tears away
Thou art a day of gladness
I love thy happy morn.

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  1. Your tonic solfa of Hallowed and Holy is not available on Tik Tok, contrary to what you've advertised above. Is there a reason for this please?


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