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Seven(7) makossa/ soukous rhythm solfa you should practice


Nobody will sit you down as a beginner to teach you how to play or practice those seven exotic makossa/ soukous rhythm solfa that you hear when you listen to the songs.

This is especially hard for beginners who find it extremely difficult to score songs in their early stage of learning.

You’d go a long way in learning fast if you can have some of all these makossa rhythms in your heart. I want you to keep it in mind that most of these rhythms have specific progression that allow you to play them.

You don’t just begin to play any of the rhythms whenever you hear any makossa song. You need to make sure your rhythm is in line with the progression of the song.

Makossa/ soukous is a genre of music that can follow various progression pattern. Basically in Nigerian gospel, makossa mostly follows two popular progression, which are:

1 4 5 4    or    1 5 4 5

d f s f      or    d s f s  (in tonic solfa)

But I want to give you seven makossa rhythms in their tonic solfa for you to practice. The video illustrations are there for you to know how the notes sound. Check through all the links below to get started. If you need to backing tracks to practice them, just drop a comment, so it can be worked on.

Makossa/ Soukous rhythm solfa 7
Makossa/ Soukous rhythm solfa 6
Makossa/ Soukous rhythm solfa 5
Makossa/ Soukous rhythm in solfa 4
Makossa/ Soukous rhythm solfa 3
Makossa/ Soukous rhythm solfa 2
Makossa/ Soukous rhythm solfa 1



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