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How To Transpose on a Piano

Since you are not yet too good at playing on all piano keys, you should learn how to transpose on a piano. You would learn the theory behind doing this in this tutorial.
How to transpose on a piano

Transposing has its advantages and disadvantages. So If you have a Piano and you have gotten used to the functions, you would have been seeing a function called the “transpose”.

This function will enable you to be able to make you play another key on the key that you are most familiar with. So if you know how to play a particularly well, you should learn how to transpose on a piano so you can play with ease at concerts while you are still learning the other keys

Step-by-step method on how to transpose on a piano 

If you want to do that, if the key you want to transpose to is on the higher octave you will use the minus button, if it is on the lower octave you will use the lower button.

How do you know how many times to press it? it’s by counting how many notes are between the two keys you are dealing with. So if you want to transpose from the key of F# to C# you would press the plus button five times and if it is from C# to F# you should press the minus button five times.

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