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How to play “Ebezina” on the piano or guitar


This post explains how to play “Ebezina” by preye on the piano and maybe on the bass guitar. If you know how to play any musical instrument you would

how to play ebezina on the piano

agree that all you need is the chord progression. This post gives us you the chord progression of Ebezina by preye and the intro:

d t s(2x)
l t d t s
s l r m f m r
d t d d
r r d t d d
r r d t d d

Chord progression:
Ebezina Doh
Chukwu nonso Fah
Ogininisobugi Lah
imala ni sa ti giye Soh …..

this video illustrates how to play “ebezina” on the piano. Watch the video below to get a better understanding:



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