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How to play the Chord progression solfa of “I will sing Holy”(DONNIE MCCLURKIN)


This is the chord progression of  will sing Holy in solfa notatons, it is best used as the bass line for the song “I will sing Holy“, the bass line is exactly the same thing as was used in the real song.


chord progression solfa notation of I will sing Holy by Donnie mcclurkin

I will lift my voice(doh)
And I will sing(soh-fah)

I will sing holy,(reh doh)
Holy(soh fah)
To my Lord and Savior(doh)
My God and King(soh-fah)
I will sing holy(reh doh)
I will sing holy(soh fah)
I will praise (ti)the
lamb of God(lah) who sits upon the throne(doh) I will worship(ti) Him And give(lah) the praise to Him alone(doh), yes
He who was(ti) and is and is (lah)to come
I will sing(soh) before (lah)His throne forever(mi fah), forever(mi fah)


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