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Health Precautions for Singers and vocalist

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 Health Precautions For Singers and vocalist

1. Maintain good general health. Get adequate rest to minimize fatigue. If you do become ill, avoid “talking over your laryngitis” – see your physician and rest your voice.

2. Exercise regularly.

3. Eat a balanced diet. Including vegetables, fruit and whole grains, and avoid caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea, and soft drinks) and alcohol. Avoid spicy, acidic, and dairy foods if you are sensitive to them.

4. Maintain body hydration; drink two quarts of water daily.

5. Avoid dry, artificial interior climates. Las Vegas has an average daily humidity of 36%, a relatively low amount of moisture. Using a humidifier at night might compensate for the dryness.

6. Limit the use of your voice. High-ceilinged restaurants, noisy parties, cars and planes are especially damaging to the voice. If necessary, use amplification for vocal projection.

7. Avoid throat clearing and voiced coughing.

8. Stop yelling, and avoid hard vocal attacks on initial vowel words.

9. Adjust the speaking pitch level of your voice. Use the pitch level in the same range where you say, “Umm-hmm?”

10. Speak in phrases rather than in paragraphs. Breath slightly before each phrase.

11. Reduce demands on your voice – don’t do all the talking!

12. Learn to breathe silently to activate your breath support muscles and reduce neck tension.

13. Take full advantage of the two free elements of vocal fold healing: water and air.

14. Vocal athletes must treat their musculoskeletal system as do other types of athletes; therefore, vocal warm-ups should always be used prior to singing. Vocal cool-downs are also essential to keep the singing voice healthy.

15. Don’t smoke

16. Be aware that some medications,
such as allergy pills, may dry out your vocal tissues. Be aware of side effects and talk to your doctor if you have questions.

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